To stop blogging (which I probably won't)

But IF I did, I have a simple formula for doing so.

So, I was just thinking about social media addiction/recovery, and how I would always think to myself “what would my family think if I left Facebook?”, or, “what would I DO if I didn't scroll Instagram?“, or, “how will I know about this thing or that thing if I were not reading about it on Twitter?”

There are simple (sometimes specific) answers to all of these questions, but, the POINT is that the questions in and of themselves are invalid.

What will your family think? – chances are they will still be your family and their thoughts matter little, but YOU will be happy

What will you do when not scrolling? – Well, you won't BE scrolling, so stop doing that and let time tell you what you will be doing ;)

How will you know about this thing/that thing if not seeing it on Twitter? – You wouldn't! Praise Dog! You will simply be without the knowledge of (mostly useless) bits and bobs of details of people's bullshit, mundane life, and you can get out there and live your own!

So, the “what if” questions (that will inevitably come up/get asked) immediately render themselves invalid, because there never will be a “GOOD” answer. Just do the thing that prompted the question and let life tell you the rest.

Same for whatever excuse I tell myself on why to keep blogging. Or to keep smoking. Or to keep...doing other shit that I do. Smoking is an addiction, blogging, not so much I don't think. But either way, there's some clarity there.

Be back soon

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