some music to kick off this sunny day

I went through some bands I “followed” or “favorited” or whatever on Bandcamp(.com), and one I don't remember listening to was Lifvsleda, a Swedish (or Norwegian, cannot remember) Black Metal band, so now I am listening (on Bandcamp). Not too bad.

Sometime around noon the moms is stopping by to drop off a 'za, because she is having lunch with a friend at Crusoe's (about two blocks away from me), and said she can get a 'za to go and drop it off on her way back home. So that's nice of her.

Still didn't hear back from my brother-in-law in regards to the text I sent last night. I was texting him to see if he had MySQL experience (which I am sure he has), but I figured out the thing I needed to figure out, anyway, so help is not needed at the moment. But I still wanna catch up with him and see if he has any type of advice in regards to server-related stuff.

That's all for now. Be back soon.

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