small observances

Walked to BP, got a couple sodas. Had to wait about 5 mins while the attendant (a really nice guy) was out hauling trash behind the station. Was wondering why my hands got so cold, then realized that technically it is below-freezing out, so...yea. Feels like 50 degrees already, though. The birds, hawks, squirrels are out – chirping, flying, eating, mating, planning world domination. Much nicer here than when I was in the city – all I would see there is cars and concrete, all I heard was horns and sirens, all I smelled was fried foods from the commercial district and exhaust from cars going up/down South Grand Blvd. On the flipside, I could just hop on a Metro and go basically wherever within city limits at a moment's notice. Was quite mobile there, everything seemed exploratory. Fun times. Harsh times. Won't forget it.

I doubt I could/would live in a city again. In fact, I am almost positive I will be staying here in S St Louis County for a good while. That, or West County (fairly expensive in most parts), but, time will tell. I have no reason to move, or make plans to move. In fact, I just moved to this unit several months ago! I am comfy here, too, so here I stay.

Never settled, though. Not too interested in stockpiling tons of things, or knick knacks, or sentimental items, or anchors of memory or identity. Life is like a current, and what is occurring currentLY is basically all that matters. If every other sentient lifeform of this planet can go about their existence without a storage unit of stuff, then my complex, brilliant, human brain can probably figure out how to manage day-to-day activities without too many things to make life work. Those are just “dumb animals”, though. What do THEY know? They probably don't even have a bank account! (joking)

OK, thanks for reading this blog post, haha.

More later

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