removing negativity

The blog post over on “olry|notes” is still live, but the link to it from this blog + the accompanying blog post I removed. I want to try to keep as a positive, helpful place.

Also, this makes me think of the history of one's writing – do I regret anything I wrote in the past several years? (spoiler: no), do I ever regret “writing for an archive”?, do I, or would I, consider the transfer of blog posts to another blog should I ever use a different platform?.

I mean, I sorta view blog posts as “moving media” (as Douglas Rushkoff would put it), and not exactly a big, permanent, “stackable media” archive – so I wouldn't ever move these blog posts to a different platform if I switched, I don't think. And I don't think I would ever download the archive of this blog, either. No need for that. And also, I say what I need to say at the time of the writing, and I never regret “writing for an archive”, because most people probably never look through this archive. That is why I am not concerned with having a search feature on this blog. What's new, and here, and Now is what is relevant/important – and that's all that matters.

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