“old” Linode server: DELETED

I still have a Linode(.com) account, and I still have litecopy.site live (of course), but, I had the old “petri dish” of a VPS just sitting there with all kinds of junk files, and Terminal experiments gone wrong, and unnecessary stuff on it, so I deleted it. I also have $10 credit on my Linode account (from now on, I always keep a $10 credit on there in case I want to make a quick $5 “Nanode” or something real quick), so that's good.

I am going to “start fresh” with a new Nanode tonight, and I can always “upgrade” or “scale up” the server if I ever wanted to, or needed to.

I am also going to log in to GoDaddy and make sure my “old” domains do not renew, as I never ended up using most of them. The domains I am keeping are:

And that is it. The rest are going by the wayside.

Good to “clean up” sometimes, keep things simple ;)

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