my apolitical affiliations

Or lack of affiliations.

And sorry for “being political” on this blog, but I just wanted to say a couple small things very fast.

In the past 1.5 years, almost two years, since going off of social media and also going off of all mainstream media consumption for the past year (yes, it was around the time COVID-19 hit The States, so it has been over a year now) – I have had time, and space, to not just reflect, but to do “long term deliberation” on what I had observed/read/watched over the course of 10+ years prior. Consuming all the things that were available to consume across the WWW during those 10+ years.

So what comes of this observing from a distance from a political perspective?

One thing I witnessed, above all else, and is far and away the most important thing to take away from “time spent away” is that both the “Far Right” and the “Far Left” are wrong.

The division of political parties should be (and at one time might have been) as minimally distant as possible. The “happy medium” is probably more essential than we citizens realize. Politicians may realize this, too – but, they are forced to take a side and then ride to the far reaches of their ideology as they can (and to the top of their party simultaneously). But as a result, literally everyone suffers.

I have no way of putting this eloquently, just that both sides have gone, and continue to go, too far in their respective political party affiliation's direction – both politicians and citizens play a role in this.

Now, some people may read this post and immediately insist I “choose a side right now”, but that is exactly the type of person I, as a free citizen, am against. I am not saying having an affiliation is a flaw – there is probably nuance and minutia in the reader's political affiliation (that never gets conveyed or listened to in conversation – because others are too angry and skilled at fault-finding to listen to anything other than wholesale ring-kissing of the (would-be) listener's ideology).

Keeping an open mind is the actual lifeblood of a functioning democracy, in my mind. That means having the courage to let someone “get the better of you”, or to “one up” you in conversation or/and debate. So, I stopped telling people what to believe, or how to argue, or anything like that – I just listen. No one is always right. No one is 100% correct and accurate. No one has all the answers.

Listen more. It's a strength, not a weakness. Trust me.

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