more rest, then more coffee

6:00 wake up was not going to cut it for me this morning. So, back to bed I went (shortly), and am now up since 9:30 (10 AM now). Having more coffee, and experiencing some wave of humidity coming through this area. 59F and drizzling outside, humid all throughout the apartment. Time to close the door.

Coffee is good. Will be up late tonight, I believe (working on MySQL stuff, bills are due, blah, blah). Tomorrow I run to Dierbergs for some necessary groceries, and maybe a few other things.

Brother-in-law finally got back to me about the tech question I had (about configuring MySQL Workbench (βœ… done! (figured it out on my own))), and we talked about how he was using Mongo. Also appreciated the kind words and help from Mike, and I am heeding the advice to always look through error logs, and see what can be figured out/reverse-engineered from that. Similar advice I got from Inquiry.

As of now, the current scenario I am in, error-wise (which I am not soliciting input in/advice for – just blogging about it :)) I think it is mostly unique to my system/port and what port is listening, and etc etc. Hell, I even had to go through some StackOverflow Q's to realize that one of the β€œhiccups”, or interruptions, was being caused from me having nginx on my VPS that had been on there (and not used) since mid-2020. Was causing Apache to not start (if I am remembering correctly). So, I got that situation taken care of. So, once the WriteFreely config process can connect to MySQL database, I am in business. That is tonight's project. And maybe, perhaps maybe, I can have on WF and start the side bloggo over on there by sunrise. 🀞

Anyway, not losing any sleep over any of that. Great thing about doing your own thing/your own side project – it doesn't matter if things work, or break, or fail, or whatever; it's my time, and I'm happy when things DO work, and don't break, and don't fail, etc. The majority of the time, I have one or two things I want to get done and end up getting four or five things done. Like, BIG things that I thought would be a hair-pulling, teeth gnashing, stress fest of time consumption – but then they work out OK. Lucky ;)

Anyway, that's all for now. Be back soon.

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