journal entry # something or other

Just poured some Taster's Choice, waking up after some laziness/grogginess hit me for some reason. Now, clicking around, looking at stuff, figuring out where I want to go with the night.

A shower has to be had, and the apartment cleaning will happen tomorrow, more than likely.

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Today is (and will soon be “was”) Thursday. Another day in the can. I was able to squeeze some productivity out of the day with laundry, so I guess my purpose on the Planet Earth has been restored, vindicated :P

I don't know how many blog posts I did today. Seven? Ten? Or as Quinn would say about the sharks in the movie Jaws “maybe a thousand!”. I could “taper back”, or “tone down” how many posts I do a day – but what the hell is the point of that? I don't care, it's a journal, it's public, and it is what it is. It's not even “Web logging” at this point, more of just continual text entry about life and thoughts.

The only other person I saw who did this was, but he has disappeared, I think (or, the last time I checked).

{2 minutes later}

I checked again, he has a landing page on Slow Dog.

Anyway, not a lot of people do 5+ journal entries (be they ON or OFFline) a day. I do now, apparently. And did I always do this? (I ask myself)

Since 2006 it seems, yes. Or I was doing so from around 2001-2003 on an all-night schedule. That stopped when I was at Job Corps, the Army, and other details in life. I don't remember much writing at all during the 1990s, besides the occasional short story here and there. I never referred to myself as, or desired to become, “a writer” until late-2006, though. But...yea. Just a predominate characteristic of old age for me, I guess. Not to sound braggy or whatever – I know a lot of people struggle to write things (blog posts, books, journal entries, etc.) but guess what? I struggle just as much with many things in life that are not writing! So, life is a struggle, and we both win and fail in our respective worlds ;)

Too bad writing doesn't raise your IQ, but reading does. I think writing just alters one's perception. Like a type (pardon the pun) of intelligence augmentation – which is what technology is supposed to do for humankind, but instead we just make quicker and slicker AI stuff, and make ourselves reliant on it, and make ourselves (probably) dumber in the process. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure my IQ (whatever it is) is at a stagnant stand-still, not getting significantly smarter, or wittier, or “sharper” in any way. But not decaying or degrading, either (thankfully). Above all this is self-correspondence, and I am glad when others can/do hop in and say a few words or send references my way, and there definitely IS a cool (af) R.w.a community. I greatly appreciate them.

But to the extent, continual, and ongoing blog posts, I guess they kinda/sorta assist with my mental health. Journaling has proven to be effective in that regard. Sort of a self-prescribed therapy. So, it continues.

More later

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