hey, hello, I'm awake again

I woke up expecting it to be 4:00 AM, but it was 2:30 when I woke up, having only had about 3 ½ hours sleep. But that is OK, for now.

Was looking at artist profiles on the Ironage Tattoo website – so much talent. Definitely need to get more work done on my left forearm. That, and the “ditch” of my left arm (inner elbow). Those will be the last stand alone tattoos I get for that arm before I start the sleeving process, as the rest is already covered. The sleeve will not go all the way down to the wrist, but just to the end of (the tips) of where I currently have tattoos. The sleeving style will be a traditional Japanese “style”, but not method, because that would involve a Tabori (sp?) needle/stick/tapping method, and those artists are hard to find in St Louis, and are expensive, and it is significantly more painful that way. The artist who I want to do the sleeve is Josh “Chappy” Chapman out of Ironage (a shop I've been to many times before). The ink I already have on that arm goes to nearly my wrist, currently, but is about 1 ¼ inch shy from reaching the wrist. I think the combo of the sleeve style plus sleeve length will look good. Put a fair amount of (probably too much) thought into it. And of course, black and grey all the way, baby! :D

That's all for now

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