got some music on...

“Silk” by Wolf Alice. Heard this song (or, a small part of it) for the first time in the Trainspotting – T2 trailer, and it's a beautiful (and tragic) song. Pretty sure it is about drug addiction.

Anyway, I downloaded the Tidal app (again, because I deleted it on accident months ago), and I am glad I got it again, because it is better than listening to the Web player and needing to avoid closing that particular tab.

I would say this song follows the same sequence of ...instrumentation(?) as that of Paramore I Caught Myself, because it kind of all comes together at the end, and the end is the best part, as the beginning is a bit boring. About the same length of song, too, almost.

I originally sat down to listen to some Bob Dylan, because I was thinking of how brilliant his lyrics were/are, and I wanted to hear some crazy good shit like that. The Story of Hurricane and Stuck Inside A Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again are both brilliant, beautiful songs.

But back to the Paramore reference – if anyone reading this has not explored the catalog of Paramore, you really should. It is some of the coolest stuff I have ever heard, I swear. Anything off of All We Know Is Falling or/and Brand New Eyes will not leave you disappointed. The song I Caught Myself is off of the Twilight soundtrack, and never saw a release on an official Paramore album (I don't think), but you can find the song on YouTube. Also, their self-titled album was the soundtrack to my life at one point (2013/14). Awesome stuff.

Now, listening to Fast In My Car off self-titled.

Lightening storm outside.

Fun stuff!

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