cleaning up e-mail

I've gotten “lazy” when it comes to being at Inbox Zero. I usually have an e-mail, or two, or five sitting in my ProtonMail inbox, waiting to either be acted upon, or trashed, or whatever. Not because I don't “stay on top” of e-mails, but because there are (or were) SO MANY things that I opted in to (without my knowledge) when I used a certain app, service, business, or whatever.

So, I went through and using the handy-dandy PM “Unsubscribe” feature, I unsubbed from over a dozen e-mails (mostly from chain businesses) just now. I didn't mess with any of the newsletters, or anything like that – I like newsletters (especially when I deliberately sign up for them) – I just eliminated all the things I would consider “spam”.

Thing is, I check my Spam folder daily, and a lot of things go to spam, I have noticed. Not scammy/junk stuff, but critical things that require my attention for what I am doing on the Internet at that particular moment. Better than Gmail, though – that claims it has the “best” spam filters, when really it just sends everything to your inbox, and then monetizes it, and then collects data from it, and then claims that it is “not spam”. It actually wouldn't surprise me if Google ran ads withint he spam folder, itself, really.

But anyway...

Life should get a lot more sane now, and with a lot less notifications, I think. I hope.

More later

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