and, removing toxicity

Negativity and toxicity are two different, but similar things. So, each get their own blog post.

I wrote over on olry|notes a brief bit about indie making and indie makers, and how some people “build in public”, but some in the scene do nothing more other than “brag openly”. That is toxic for almost anyone to see (unless they are positioning themselves to get bought-out by a bigger co). But what I want to say about the situation, is that I am removing any type of pseudo “inspo” I derive from these people, these “gatekeepers” (even though they are gatekeepers of nothing other than their own products, and nothing else). And on that note, I am not “deriving inspo” from anyone on the Internet. I prefer to be in my own world, doing my own thing, apathetic to what others are up to. What the hell is the difference between what one does IRL, and what one does on the Internet? It's just a bunch of people doing things, so what does it matter?

Just my thoughts

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