A niche Web

I've seen a lot of people talk about “Web 2.0”, and “Web 3.0” over the past decade and a half, yet when the question is directed towards any actual computer technologies that support that line of thinking, the well runs dry in terms of anything worth mentioning that has occurred over the past decade and a half that justifies calling any thing/service/product a legitimate “reinvention of the WWW”.

So what is actually changing? Human habits, of course! From a statistics point of view, some would call it “trends”. However, if you walked down the street right now, and pulled aside the first 10 people you saw, and asked them “how” they used the Internet, chances are they would have some social media accounts and have never even considered starting a blog, or a newsletter, or a podcast, or even know what RSS is. That's why it's so jarring for some people when they hear the term “delete social media” – they'd literally have nothing left!

I came across this when I cancelled my TV service once and for all in 2010: “so what DO you do all day?”, and, “don't you get bored?”, and, “but what about all the good shows? Or knowing what's happening in the news?”. There are answers to all of those questions that I will not go into here, but, with the Internet (instead of television), there are other niches, sub-categories, and nooks of the Internet that I can partake in – unlike TV, where it was ad-driven everything or bust.

The best part of this scenario (using a smaller, more humble corner of the Web (although W.a seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time)) is the correspondence(s), e-mails, and messages to/from other folks ON a niche corner of the Internet. Shit, it's all I wanna do on the Internet, really – rather Facebook eats the whole damn fiber optic infrastructure of the world and you need an account with them to say anything on the Web, or a smaller, decentralized, series of “nooks” pop up around the Internet: either way, I just wanna say “hi” to other human beings sometimes.

So, I'm not terribly guided or thoughtful (didn't think this blog post through, lol) in terms of what I am doing on the Internet in 2021, anyways. It's better than staring at the wall? Loneliness sucks? Other (fairly interesting) people who create their own “thing” on the WWW are cool? Probably all of those things, I just don't want to make content for AI bots, is all.

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